By: Richard Polley

As the heavy door opens you can begin to feel the bass pulsate, as you enter further your clothes are put on vibrate. The colors around you mix and collide, as the lines of art on stage begin to change with the flash of colored light. Paint surrounds you on paper and skin as a vibrant glow of purple illuminates the room. Blacklight Thursdays is a place that transcends music and art production. A local grass roots team has come together to restart Blacklight Thursdays at Stamps the Bar, in the City of Tonawanda. The team is made up of a partnership between FTMP, Millennium and Droplet Ink.

“We like to change up the style of EDM for every show to switch up the rhythm. Expect to see house, riddim, trance and dubstep in the future,” said Roberto Fuentes Jr. Head of the artist line up, as Millennium.

26736025_10215083774954959_2103548161_o (1)“Once we pick our theme my colleague Jeremiah Schmelling and I will start picking out art to display from his incredible and massive inventory. I will start to research face and body painting that matches the style and create smaller decorations to help blend the scene,” said Richard Polley, head of Droplet Ink.

Blacklight Thursday is held once a month; current dates are February 22nd, March 15th, April 19th and May 17th. Next month’s theme has yet to be decided, but the group is planning to make shows more interactive and have gifts at the door for guests who come early.

“We’ve got a great team together for this series, and we’re all ecstatic about the next event. This is the beginning of our themed nights, and we’ve been receiving a great reception online from fans when we reach out for input on what to include. But, we’ve got a few surprises coming up too,” said Greg Burt, Proprietor of FTMP Events.


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