By Daniel Azzinaro

Ridesharing has become one of the major industries in any largescale city. Being able to be transported across the city with relative ease is an extremely attractive idea that brings a more cohesive allure of connectivity to the region. Buffalo for a long time has been scrutinized about its lack of public transportation i.e. having one subway line that goes to one place. Now, the question of bringing Uber to Buffalo has been a big topic of conversation. While many people will benefit from the easy access to downtown, cab companies have been pushing back the movement from its inception. This has allowed the road block to establishing ridesharing in the city of Buffalo. Even though many of the cities bigger influences support the Uber or Lyft movements. Mike Schmand, Executive Director of Buffalo Place, wrote that “downtown Buffalo has an active entertainment district. Uber would help young people get around, and others too. Waits for transport via taxi can be improved with competition from Uber.  Uber would also help address the issue of drunk driving.”

Buffalo has two major sports teams, the Sabres who at least are somewhat feasibly close to the single subway line and the Bills who are situated in Orchard Park. For those who have been to or even heard of Bills game shenanigans know that ridesharing would make getting home much safer. Even the teams themselves recognize the significance ridesharing would have in Buffalo. Uber and the home arenas of the Buffalo Bills and the Buffalo Sabres have already announced that if the State Legislature were to allow ridesharing in New York State, the organizations would immediately begin negotiating a partnership that would encompass making rides to and from Buffalo sporting events safer and more viable. Kim Pegula, co-owner of the Buffalo Bills and Sabres stated “Buffalo’s sports fans are the best in the country, yet they’re some of the last in the country who can’t touch a button and get a ride in minutes “We are committed to offering our fans easy and safe access to Bills and Sabres home games and are thrilled that Uber will work closely with us to make that happen.”

There really is little drawback from allowing Uber to function in Buffalo. No one says it must be ridesharing or ride hailing. There is capacity for both to coexist in the city and will only benefit the populace with safe and convenient travel. Honestly, it’s a big win that we could use especially for when September rolls around and its kick off for the Bills again.


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