By: Sara Salamullah, a 14 year old Australian living in Pakistan

It is almost the end of October, and you all know what that means, Halloween is coming up! Now some people do not celebrate Halloween, as it is not a religious practice. However, in my opinion everyone can enjoy Halloween and it’s not because I think all the other religious beliefs are incorrect. I think everyone should enjoy Halloween, regardless of their beliefs, because Halloween is not about ones faith; it’s simply about having fun altogether.
We need to put aside our differences and learn to work together as humans regardless of who we are. We are all the same – no matter our sex, religion, skin color, or age. Celebrating Halloween is not just about fun and candy, it will unite us. It will unite the past, present and future and ensure a more stable society in the future.
Halloween can also be a way to show the children that everyone can have fun together, and that no one is abnormal because on Halloween, we all dress up like freaks. It can teach children cooperation and help them learn to accept others no matter who they are. Not only children, but also adults, can learn a lot from Halloween too. Adults can use this as a time to bond with their kids and family, and strengthen the relationship with your child.
Also, Halloween is a typical kids’ holiday and as the children grow older they start feeling insecure about themselves and they want to fit in. If you restrict your kid from celebrating, he or she might end up resenting you because of that choice of trying to control their lives and what they do. This is why I think Halloween should be celebrated by everyone.


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