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Contraceptives in New York State

By: Katy Siwirski

President Donald Trump has recently rebelled against women in an attempt to eliminate their ability to have birth control covered by insurance companies. According to the New York Times, more than 55 million women have access to free birth control because of the contraceptive coverage mandate under the Affordable Care Act. It is important to know that birth control is not strictly used to eliminate the ability to get pregnant. Women use birth control to lighten the effects of their menstrual cycle. Some women require birth control to activate their menstrual cycle, all together. Birth control can also reduce and help prevent acne, as well as cysts and infections in the breasts and ovaries. With all of these health benefits, why would President Trump want to take these benefits away from women?

Governor Andrew Cuomo assures women in New York State that  they don’t have to worry about Trump’s new administration. According to Politifact New York, the state Department of Financial Services regulates everything sold on the state health exchange, called New York State Health. These plans include that which is sold to individuals and companies with less than 100 employees. Birth control mandating covers 1.35 million residents within these plans. Companies larger than 100 employees have a more complicated process. Self-insured companies are not regulated by the state, so they are not forced to adhere to the state’s birth control mandate. Those on Medicaid have nothing to worry about, since it covers birth control services. Overall, the type of insurance you have will play a role in this particular issue.

We are reaching the end of the generation of baby boomers. We will soon live in a time where there are more people on Social Security than there are people in the work force. We need to control and protect the  population to ensure that the working class is stable and the elderly are taken care of. The fight to provide health insurance coverage for FDA  approved contraceptive drugs, devices and products has passed the Senate, and is in the process of being delivered to the Governor. Make your voice heard, let’s over rule Trump’s ridiculous desire to eliminate free birth control.


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