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Counter-Errorism: Return of the Sith

By: Joshua Z. Seaborn II

With the release of Fire and Furry, a new book following the inner workings of the Trump Administration, a swastika has fallen from the stars while the Oval Office is weakened and goes on the attack.

President Trump, known for his outrageous statements to manipulate individuals directly with social media and indirectly through the media are seen as knee jerk reactions that cannot be contained by his child like mentality coupled with his massive ego complex. Or he is simply a genius, whose only comparable wit rivals that of Chancellor Palpatine, before his great reveal as the infamous dark lord, Darth Sidious.

Often spectators believe Steven Bannon was brought on board the Trump Campaign so he would not lob opposition mortars onto it and nor would Breitbart Media. With Bannon leaving the White House and campaigning for 2020 in mind, it reinstated Trump’s fear.

Trump being the mastermind manipulator that he is, saw a way to create the perfect storm and banish Bannon from his political realm.

He forged this diabolical book with the costly help of Michael Wolff. In order to turn on his ethics and morals from his long career and reputation as a journalist, Trump offered Wolff a hefty sum from his massive billion dollar empire.

Trump’s book put Bannon at the center of the storm and left the hurricane to muster, destroying his reputation with his supporters.

Trump amplified the reception of the book with his relentless fury of tweets denouncing the book and launched an investigation aimed to weaken the republic. Deliberately acting as the pages of accusations so the book would fester like a plague, feeding his ego a buffet troth and spreading his name to the far corners of the Earth. Any media is good media is his motto, as he has successfully launched the largest word of mouth campaigns in the history of the world. With the taste of Trump in your mouth, it is hard to speak about anything else.

In the first weekend Fire and Fury sold 29,000 physical copies, 250,000 digital, 100,000 audio and was named number one on The New York Times’ best sellers list. Publishers have increased production by 667 percent, expecting an additional one million copies to be sold from its original estimate of 150,000.

By attacking the book indirectly Trump is able to use the book as a rallying cry to gather his supporters around the fake news narrative and alienate any media that is critical of him. Much like the tactics of ISIS he uses a zero sum game method, either your with him, or you are against him.

Trump will profit in more ways than one with the success of this book. In the words of Roger Stone, another fallen Lord, “It is better to be infamous than to never be famous at all.”

* Disclaimer: Counter-Errorism is a satirical opinion column. *


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