By: Sara Salamullah

Sara Salamullah is a 13 year old Australian living in Pakistan.

No one is truly fearless. Everyone has a fear even if it’s not shown openly. I have a fear of failing my exams which is why I study. Others may have a fear of not fitting in which is why they pretend to be someone they’re not. Fear can be used as a motive, though others may use someone else’s fear as an advantage. We are all different and unique but one thing we all have in common is fear. You can never really escape or conquer fear, you can only embrace it. But fear isn’t something that’s bred, it’s taught. I say forget fear, fear will limit your life if you let it. Break free of it; grasp it because it will make you stronger. It will help you find who you are and understand your true purpose, because no one is useless and everything happens for a reason.

You only live once and this is your chance to change your life, it’s never too late. Fear can help you express yourself. Fear will empower you to do better, to help others, to help yourself. It will give a different perspective on life, it will bring out the aspect of understanding and learning in you. Fear is often misunderstood; people express fear as a bad thing, say it brings you down. But only the strongest of characters can feed on fear to give them strength and you need to ask yourself; is that you? Because they are the people who give others hope. Fear is contagious, but sometimes it can be a good thing because it will bring hope with it. Find your fear and use it because it can help you make a positive difference in this world.


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