By: Katy Siwirski

Supporting your local music scene is important. Bands won’t make it big unless you support them from the beginning. Through the power of good friends, I began supporting a local Post-Hardcore/Metalcore band from Buffalo, New York called From The Branches of Tide. This bundle of  talent consists of vocalist Frank Pascarella, guitarist Aaron Sutton, bassist and vocalist Tom Fritton, and drummer Alan Schrutt. These guys have proved that friendship and dedication can lead to everlasting success.

Fritton and Schrutt began this project in 2015. Schrutt began as the guitarist, and Fritton the vocalist. They had written a few songs, but it was not yet complete, due to a lack of members. Within a week, Pascarella auditioned as the vocalist. Their former bassist Josh Rogacki temporarily joined the band, but did not last too long. This is where Sutton came into the picture as the second guitarist. Fritton picked up a bass and taught himself to play, as well as remained a vocalist. Schrutt missed the drums, so he switched off his guitar and picked up the sticks. Aaron then became the primary guitarist, and Pascarella the vocalist. Alas, the band had been properly structured.

The band was initially known as Gray Haven, and they wrote an EP that just didn’t fit their style. It took the band about a year to perfect their first song entitled Fever Dreams. The song opens up with a progressive guitar riff that slowly builds up energy, and then breaks down into a heavy combination of vocals and instrumentals. Pascarella and Fritton create a rhythm with a blend of screaming and singing that gives the band its  unique sound. Fritton pulls out a funky bass line that then transitions into a blend of emotions and power. The band writes lyrics about searching  for happiness within oneself, and fighting through all the struggles of life. This is relatable to this particular music scene as a sign of strength and power to improve one’s life, and fight through everything that life throws at you.

From The Branches of Tide had been born, and the group continues to grow. Bigger and better songs have been written, and the energy of the members has reflected in their performances. They are scheduled to record their first single that will be available on various music sources online. From The Branches of Tide will be playing their biggest show yet on February 25th at Mohawk Place in Downtown Buffalo. They will be opening for a popular 2000’s Post-Hardcore band known simply as ISMFOF (is-um-fauf). The band is celebrating a 10-year anniversary of their most successful album, and From The Branches of Tide has the honor to open up for them. Come out and support your local music scene.

See you in February!


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