By Sara Salamullah

Green energy is basically using energy in a more conservative way. Green energy is not the same as using less energy. Using less energy would affect our daily lifestyles whereas green energy doesn’t. Why, you ask?

It’s because instead of using energy less we can use energy for the same amount of time but still save it. Green energy includes renewable and clean energy resources such as wind and solar energy. Using better energy resources makes polluting resources pointless, that leads to pollunting CO2 gasses not being generated as much. This is another advantage because polluting resources release carbon dioxide which contributes to the greenhouse effect also known as global warming, which is the reason the polar ice caps are melting and the oceans levels are rising.

Using green energy you help stop global temperature increases because the polluting and non-renewable energy becomes pointless. Adding onto that point because less of the toxic gas, carbon dioxide, would be released less and people would get sick because of harmful gases in the air.

Renewable energy plants are more labor-based compared to fossil fuel industries. This would be an economic benefit because if green energy would become more popular, more jobs would be provided for the jobless population, decreasing the percentage of the black sector.

Finally, because there are more jobs and less machinery, there is an unlikely chance that there would be a glitch in the generation process. So because of this, it is more reliable in the generation process. Green Energy is better option for everyone.


Sara Salamullah is a 13 year old Australian living in Pakistan.


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