By: Schondra Aytch

Almost everything we do involves water; as a matter of fact the average American uses approximately 100 gallons of water a day. In a world full of water, we forget that fresh drinking water is dwindling. It is suggested that by 2030, there will be cities with little access to clean water. As private companies, global warming and common usage of water affects the world’s finite supply, environmentalists push harder to bring awareness across the globe. With holiday season in full swing, it is imperative for Americans to be aware of conserving water, energy and food. Days like Christmas or Easter where big meals are happening under every home and water is used extensively, it is important to start encouraging habits to conserve.

Cooking with a big ole’ Turkey? Or maybe searing up a pack of frozen vegetables? Throw it in the fridge! The day before you know you will cook, defrost frozen foods in the fridge instead of using energy from a microwave or running water over it.

Let’s say you do want to rinse your vegetables off. Rinse and reuse! Keep a bowl in the sink to use that rinsing water for plants or for your pet. You can even use that same rinsing water to boil your veggies! Any impurities will be burned out in the boiling stage.

Make sure you have pitchers of water at the dinner table. This is is an easy way for guests to choose how much they’ll drink and prevent half-empty glasses everywhere. And with whatever water left you can give it to your pet or to plants.

Have leftovers? Don’t throw them away! According to the National Resource Defense Council (NRDC) we waste over 204 million pounds of turkey on Thanksgiving- that’s 105 billion gallons of water when we include all the water put into production of poultry. Make sure relatives or guests have reusable takeout containers to take food home. And if you still have leftovers, give them to your pet or compost! This could be the perfect start! Before your sink is piled with dishes, encourage everyone to scrape instead of rinsing. And before your guests abandons the plate, give them a basin or a bucket to let the dishes sit in.This helps you use less water when your washing. You can also use a dishwasher machine over washing dishes in a sink. Most dishwashers use less water and are often approved by “Energy Star.” Run by The Environmental Protection Agency, Energy Star assists in making everyday products water and energy efficient.

Less than 3 percent of the earth’s water is drinkable. This is urgent. Save money and conserve!


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