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Love Thy Neighbor: Counter-Errorism “A Tactical Error Causing Terror”

By: Joshua Z. Seaborn II

* Disclaimer: Counter-Errorism is a satirical opinion column. *

Roy Moore, Former Alabama Supreme Court Justice won Alabama’s Republican Senate primary runoff and the reputation he has built for himself has made him a household name. He’s been suspended from the state Supreme Court twice, once for refusing to remove a Ten Commandments statue from state property and later for refusing to follow the federal Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing same-sex marriage.
Moore’s religious beliefs are higher than his respect for the rule of law. His concern about Sharia Law being imported into the United States is flabbergasting. A man who stands for the court seems to only up hold the word of the Christian bible, well only the parts he agrees with. If the American people are concerned about a religion taking over their government they are criticizing the wrong one.
Moore once again put forth the bible before law and country, when comparing the United States to Soviet Russia. Moore was interviewed by The Guardian when he noted that former President Reagan’s description of the Soviet Union as “the focus of evil in the modern world” could be applied to America today, because “we promote a lot of bad things” like “same-sex marriage.” When The Guardian’s reporter responded that current Russian President Vladimir Putin makes a similar argument, Moore replied, “Maybe he’s more akin to me than I know.”
The first Muslim Congressmen, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), took his ceremonial oath of office using a Quran that was owned by Thomas Jefferson and was ruthlessly criticized for using it by Moore. “In 1943, we would never have allowed a member of Congress to take their oath on ‘Mein Kampf,’ or someone in the 1950s to swear allegiance to the ‘Communist Manifesto,’ ” Moore wrote in a 2006 post on
Moore later added that there’s enough evidence for Congress “to question Ellison’s qualifications to be a member of Congress” because, Moore wrote, Islam is “directly contrary to the principles of the Constitution.”

“We were torn apart in the Civil War — brother against brother, North against South, party against party. What changed?” Moore asked in a stump speech.
“Now we have blacks and whites fighting, reds and yellows fighting, Democrats and Republicans fighting, men and women fighting. What’s going to unite us? What’s going to bring us back together?
A president? A Congress? No. It’s going to be God,” He later said. The founding fathers envisioned a secular nation with inalienable rights for its people, yet he uses Christianity and religion as his sword of justice. If at least Jefferson didn’t want the nation to be secular then we would ask Moore, “Why did he have a Quran?”


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