By: Richard Polley

Stephen Colbert released his new show’s pilot, Our Cartoon President on YouTube two nights before the State of the Union. With people tuning into YouTube for the live State of the Union address, many found the show in their recommended filter, a smart move by Colbert to release it days before.

“My fellow Americans and temporarily unfurloughed nonessential federal dead weight, we are one year into my presidency and it’s time to finally admit, I am absolutely crushing it.”

The introduction of the show is phenomenal and hilarious. It hits the nail on the head of a satirical depiction of Trump, or even a normal one, no one but his close advisers will know!  Like most of Trumps remarks he insults someone and tries to tell you something you need to know, but instead he ends up off point, telling you a story within a story. He goes on about how he is the best and you get a faint recollection of Kim Jong-un or jokes about Chuck Norris.

As President Trump flicks channel by channel as newscasters ridicule him, he utters, “Fake news, fake news,” until he reaches the weather, “Temperature today is 38, which is still higher than the president’s approval rating, fake weather!”

Trump finally takes his polling numbers seriously when Fox and Friends begins to falter on him. The side comments and dialogue will have you in tears.

Down in the dumps General McMasters tries to uplift Trump’s spirt and incite him to give a rousing State of the Union address that will layout “an inspiring and unified vision for the future.”

The depictions alone are great, it is almost like a new age of moving political cartoons, maybe that is why Colbert chose the name, Our Cartoon President.  Check out the pilot here!

Knowing Colbert, he will keep up the heat and he won’t be running out of material any time soon. It looks like Colbert found the missing political piece in his in his career, and people are loving it.

A new episode will air February 11th at 8PM on Show Time.


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