Poems By Gul Rahman


I, me and myself
falling apart three friends
juggling minds
bouncing souls
no desire to thrive
no dreams no goals
scuffling and struggling
timid and shy
no reason to live
no reason to die
“I” tried and tried
how can “I” hold
“I” tell to “myself”
come on ! be bold
“I” say O “me” !
dont take the pain
why stress why cry
there is no gain
these invisible ties
are reasons to live
hi’s and bye’s
and smiles to give
lets be together
and make new friends
“Hope” “faith ” and “life”
that never ends.

 “ Where can I find YOU

When the darkness is all around
gleaming lights no where to found
So torn apart me and my soul
weeping heart on the whole
I cry , I beg , I bow , I plea
trying hard ,as hard could be
night becomes the nightmare
and day is there to dare
I try to stand beside me
not a single hand to be
ups and downs and still I go
simmering tears with the glow
I wind the unwind to my best
love and hatred is just a test
what to win , what to lose
game of mind what to choose
joy is happiness ,happiness is bliss
countless smiles are just my wish
all the days and all the nights
living in despair, fear and freight
to get the peace of mind too
just tell me ” Where can I find YOU”

#Harvest Moon

Last night the moon was bright,
giving magical touch to the night,
stars shimmering and glancing,
tip toe, tip toe as if dancing,
quivering wind so subtle and quiet,
vibrant clouds turning white ,
and that musky smell in the air,
O me o my ! how much to stare,
I wanted to absorb the peace,
quench with cold breeze,
when he looked down upon me ,
as if saying Hey ! how could you be,
lonely and sleepless, timid and shy,
tell me, tell me a wish of thy,
Oh poor you ! still not in bed,
what makes you wake till end,
I uttered! don’t wonder don’t care,
Yes, I am alone but nothing to share,
I am gloomy and you are glee,
how could that you not see,
the harvest moon after a while,
I think he murmured with a smile,
why don’t you also rise and shine,
spread your brightness and u’ll be fine!


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