Don’t Turn Them Away

By: Umar Azam

They come here in need of a home
When their own is shadowed by
A never-ending war zone
They may be very different from you
But we should help anyone
Who feels blue
They come here with a clean slate
Some with few clothes
And no food on their plate
They rely on your kindness
To bless their day
Open your heart to the refugees
Please don’t turn them away
Despite their hardships they will smile and be your friend
Without a hint of doubt
A helping hand they will lend
They have traversed the world searching for an open door
We can’t even fathom the hardships
They have had to endure
You have the power to make a change
To welcome them with open hands
Into a new world that seems so strange
Help them through their difficult foray
Please don’t turn them away

Little Angels

by: Umar Azam

little angels in the sky
this is not your last goodbye
little angels peacefully rest
don’t cry
don’t be upset
look up in the sky and see them fly
let your tears dry
their spirits soar high as a dove
little angels represent our undying love
they dance above us in the breeze
their dance will never end and they will never freeze
in life we will remember their strive
as we thrive to dive in the pools of life
little angels are in our heart and mind
they are in peace they wanted to find
be hopeful and don’t lose strength
you have the will to fight your emotional dent
your children will cherish every moment with you
your love for them is strong and true
little angels peaceful in the sky
this is not your last goodbye


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