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Progressive waves eroding Establishment barricades?

By Alexander Jasinski

Bernie Sanders, an established progressive and champion of the people has been leading the charge against the establishment and the corruption they represent; but has his 26 years of effort in the House of Representatives and Senate fallen upon deaf ears? Bernie Sanders has been championing for Medicare for all and free state and community colleges for years with his message being ignored by the main stream media and all of their corporate affiliate fat cats who chose to cover more preferable topics to their own self serving interests. Can the Progressives win a fight against the Establishment or will they be swept under the rug like their proposed legislation that serves the peoples’ wants and needs rather than corporations and the elite?

Bernie Sanders and others senators have proposed neuromas bills in the field of health care and college education with all being ignored by the MSM and defeated by the Establishment who are dependent on special interests to fund their reelection campaigns that they will vote against their own constitutes wishes.

Addressing the higher costs of prescription drug costs in the United States, Sanders and others introduced a bill in late January 2017, HR676, to import drugs from Canada where common prescription drugs are half and sometimes a sixth of the price as the same exact drug and dosage in the United States. Yet the drug lobbiest with Senators in their pockets like Sen. Cory Booker (N.J.) who has received millions from Big Pharma, vote against the bill with the falsehood of drug safety. Only in America can Big Pharma cause the death of poor people who cannot afford their prescriptions just to protect the profits they make gouging the American public on prescription drugs.

Sanders said he agrees the medicine should be safe, but he believes that can easily be accomplished.

“If we can import vegetables and fish and poultry and beef from all corners of the Earth, please don’t tell me that we cannot bring in, from Canada and other major countries, name brand prescription drugs of some of the largest corporations in the world,” he said. “That’s a laughable statement.”

Fighting the Establishment and special interest on affordable college Sen. Sanders and 5 other co sponsors introduced a bill to make public colleges and universities tuition free for households making under $125,000.  Called the College for All Act it aimed at providing a vast majority of Americans the ability to attend college who might never had had the opportunity to do so. Student debt has increased well over $1 trillion with no sign of it ceasing its staggering climb; lining the pockets of debt hungry bankers and collection agencies.

Clearly the bill will go nowhere in a Republican Congress, and with Trump in the White House. But Sanders and several of the co-sponsors clearly see the bill as a valuable organizing tool. “Our job is to bring forward a progressive agenda,” said Sanders. “Our job now is to go out in every state in this country…. We can win this fight when millions of Americans stand up and demand this legislation.”

The fact of the matter is COURPTION IS LEGAL IN AMERICA. In case you missed that memo, your representatives don’t represent you but only the special interests that give them sickening amounts of money to vote their way.  I like you was unaware of how deep this corruption was until I watched a video by Represent.Us titled “Corruption is Legal in America”. It goes into compressive detail of a Princenton University study of a simple question “Does the Government represent the People?”. In short, the Government does not represent the People. The study goes into detail of the likelihood of legislation being passed based on public support. In true or ideal representation the more the public support something has the more likely it would happen and vise versa. But this is not the case …unless your special interest than you can literally buy what you want regardless of what the public supports. Special interests cannot only increase the likelihood of legislation to be passed through their vast sums of money but they can also completely stop legislation even if every single American supports it.

We the American People are the only thing that can bring an end to corruption in our legislature and once and for all make corruption illegal in America, not only to become a true representative democracy but to end special interests chokehold on democracy. Last time I checked America was a nation build by the people for the people not a plutocracy, a land by the rich for the rich.

Call your representatives, tie up their phone lines and demand answers; inform yourself and everyone you know to what your representatives are voting for because everyone knows the Main Stream Media won’t!


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