By: Craig Kline

From the day then-candidate Trump won the Presidency, Democrats and the left have been working to build the case to remove him from office. The narrative of Russian interference in the election was on every TV station in the country on Inauguration day in January 2017. The effort to de-legitimize and remove Trump has been constant.

In May of 2017, Robert Mueller was named special investigator to look into allegations that Donald Trump coordinated with Russian nationals in the 2016 presidential election. The investigation has since gone beyond its scope, delving into the President’s finances, his personal business dealings, and other questions loosely associated with the investigation.

Congressional Representatives are calling for Mueller’s resignation, Arizona Representative Andy Biggs among them. In an October 2017 press release, Biggs said “Mr. Mueller is wasting taxpayer dollars in an attempt to find evidence that meets his predetermined conclusion. This must stop, and I renew my call for Special Counsel Mueller to resign.” Texas Representatives Louie Gohmert and Matt Gaetz of Florida have joined Biggs in calling for Mueller’s resignation, citing Mueller’s time as FBI director in 2010 when a Russian-backed company purchased uranium mines in the United States.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board published an October 28th, 2017 article calling for Mueller’s resignation. They cited the Clinton campaign’s connection with Fusion GPS and his withholding of FBI officer Peter Strzok’s text exchanges with a woman who worked for Mueller. The editorial board argues that Mueller is too connected to the activity of the FBI and subjects of the investigation to behave objectively.

The New York Post echoed these sentiments, saying that if the Muller’s probe has to investigate Obama Administration, Mueller’s 4 years as FBI head under Obama presents an obvious conflict of interest. According to the Post, any honest investigation would require looking into activity during the end of the Obama Administration.

Peter Strzok reportedly changed the “grossly negligent,” to “extremely careless,” in former FBI director James Comey’s report on the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Mueller hired Strzok after the fact. He either knew about that crucial language change, or he wasn’t aware of it. Regardless of which one of these is the case, they further add to the issues of Mueller being the head of the investigation into Trump/Russia collusion.

Investigating Trump’s role in the 2016 election requires looking into the 2016 election. Investigating the players in that election inevitably means looking at the role of the Obama administration in supporting Former Obama-Administration Secretary of State and Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton. Few doubt Mueller’s integrity and ability to thoroughly investigate, but like any other person, it will become increasingly difficult for him to investigate an administration he was part of.


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