Roses of the Prophets Coverage


 Our country has become very divisive lately so now is a good time to pass out roses to show love for our fellow neighbors and community members during these difficult times. We have seen in the past that passing out roses for free has brought smile to people’s faces. We are simply showing the positive things that we Muslims do that mainstream media doesn’t show unfortunately. People who don’t know Muslims rely on mainstream media to tell them who we, Muslims, are. Unfortunately, some link Muslims to terrorism because that’s what they see in the news. That’s where we come in! WNY Muslims, a media-based organization, shows the positive side of Muslims whether it’s doctors saving lives, a Muslim activist speaking out for marginalized people, or a Muslim entertainer making a positive impact. We also do many events to bring our community together to make a positive difference. Roses of the Prophets is one of our annual events that we do to show interfaith solidarity and to spread awareness by passing out roses, along with inspirational words of the Prophets (Peace Be Upon Them). We are hoping that this gesture will open the hearts and minds of those who don’t know Muslims well enough or are unfamiliar with Islam. People are surprised to see that we believe in Jesus and Moses too so they see the similarities that our religions have and can relate to us. We enjoyed passing out 500 roses and spreading peace which we hope to  continue doing every year.

Thank you to all the donors, especially ISNF, and volunteers for helping us prepare roses and pass out roses to our WNY community at four different locations. We prepared roses at our 4011 Bailey office Thursday morning while chatting and having coffee with our fellow neighbors and community members.618A2919

The following day on Friday morning, we gathered at our office and carpooled to Canisius college who were very welcoming. We passed out roses to staff and students who seemed pleasantly surprised to receive this peaceful gesture. Afterwards, we drove to University of Buffalo after our Jumah prayer to pass out roses to students there as well. We were happy to see that we brought smile to their faces.

On Saturday morning, we carpooled again to El Buen Amigo store at Elmwood Avenue to pass out more roses. Afterwards, we went to the Galleria mall where we connected with shoppers there who were happy to get roses and take pictures with us. 618A2937 

This is our Fourth year spreading messages of the Prophets along with roses and because of our success, we are happy to continue spreading love and peace to our interfaith community.


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