by Isaia Sciabarrasi

Homo-sapiens have ascended further than any known species. Yet, we allow ourselves to be divided based on the exploitation of multiple elements, such as skin complexion, gender, sexuality, religion, age, physical and intellectual ability, and nationality to name a few. It seems when a group of humans try to improve the quality of life for everyone, they are met with an aggressive force from those who will stop at nothing to prevent change. For those who are transgender, life is all about embracing change.

Growing up, I did not have the vocabulary to express to my family that I was transgender. All I could do was squirm in the clothing I did not get to choose, envy the toys I was never allowed to play with, and feel my identity shrink when having to preform gender norms. I was trapped and was unable to properly develop a concept of self that I could face in the mirror every day.
I am fortunate enough to live in a time where information can be spread at the click of a button. I was able to find a strong community of people who feel just as I do. Within this community, I have access to brave souls documenting personal journeys. These sources give a shy, timid kid the courage to embrace the beautiful rebellion raging inside. Finally, I was not all alone. For the first time I figured out how to help my body reflect my soul.

The beginning of any transition is as liberating as it is discouraging. There is a limbo of self-questioning, awkward, and unpassable moments. Some are auspicious enough to appear cis gender (a person who’s born gender matches their identified gender) and live stealthily and safely in society. Then, there are others who are easily identified. Some endure harassment, while others are killed by transphobic fanatics. Those who feel licensed to police other’s gender to these great extremes.

It has been a long time coming that the transgender minority climb above generations of mockery from popular culture, and the scrutiny from xenophobic bigotry. It is about time that the American Government step in and say, “enough, we are all better than this.” The government of those Standing With The Vulnerable Unites The Human Race who are truly free should stand up against the hatred and ignorance that this community endures, assist with educating the public, and spread positive recognition and protection.
The argument, that the matter concerning public lavatories should be decided by each state, cannot be supported by any evidence proven in our country’s history. If we take a look back, just a mere fifty years or so ago, this country partook in legal segregation concerning washrooms—along with other public realms. It was the federal government that stepped in and stipulated that segregation is wrong; it needed to be addressed and changed so all people could use facilities equally and safely. Not one single person should feel ostracized or discriminated against for matters that are out of their control. Pretty elementary, wouldn’t you say?

By invalidating and trampling over everything the Obama administration had planted, which ensured the social growth and future safety of LGBT, people shows a lack of interest involving every single American’s freedom. It demonstrates a government that would rather spread hatred than work for all its citizens.

Strategically attacking children in the LGBT community presents a lack of concern for the safety and intellectual development of our youth. Our community is outraged by this, as we should be. It blinds us from what the Trump administration is doing on a global level. Our strongest members from the community are put to work focusing on protecting and gaining back Civil rights, leaving us unable to address or even see what the Federal Government can be doing beyond immigration and LGBT regulations.

I am happy that our generation is challenging those in power. I am proud of those who go out into the world and show us that they will not just complain behind a computer screen. We minorities must all band together and rise above to advocate for each other. Support and love will only make us stronger. Help the resilient empathize and embrace positive change. Always remember, your feelings are authentic, we are all born with the unalienable right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


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