By: Sarah Salamullah, a 13-year-old Australian living in Pakistan

We all know superheroes don’t exist, and during tough times we wish they could be real to protect and save us when we feel helpless. However, neither of us is helpless because we all can do what we can to bring back hope and encourage others to rise above, and in their own way, become superheroes. We all have a superhero in us – we just have different ways of expressing the hero within. Some join the armed forces and fight together and others may help people in need, just for the sake of being kind. In fact, many superheroes are inspired by real people and are used to create hope for people who need it. Superheroes may be fictional, but there is a lot we can learn from them. For instance; how to hope for the best in the toughest of times, or how to be selfless and help others for no immediate reward Hope can be contagious. Sometimes by just helping someone you can brighten your day and theirs. You never know what someone is going through, so do not judge them before you get to know them. Sometimes who you see is who they are and you have to accept it because everyone is different. We all have a different perspective on life and we all have different purposes. Sometimes you are not meant to be a hero; maybe you are supposed to be someone who needs a superhero.

But just like superheroes there are also super villains, the lines between good and evil are so faint and sometimes you just have to trust yourself to become a hero because Rome was not built in a day. It takes special strengths like patience to be at your best. Sometimes you do not have those strengths and you just have to accept it because no one is perfect. Here is my point; just be who you are because there’s only one person like you whether you’re a hero, a villain or a damsel in distress, because the world needs you no matter who you are.


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