By: Umar Azam

Buffalo is a small city with a big history. Everywhere you go there is something interesting to find, explore or see. Buffalo has a lot of culture and if you go to downtown, you can find the various steel mills that take you back to the Industrial Revolution. Nevertheless, that’s only the start of it. Buffalo is full of many other wonderful sights to see.

If you have an eye for architecture and an interest in theatrical arts, Shea’s Theater in Buffalo is definitely a great place to go. Not only will you get to see award-winning productions by directors and producers, you will also get to enjoy the wonderful architectural interior of the location. That in itself is a spectacle. The addition of that adds to the whole enjoyment of the experience.

Perhaps one of the more famous locations is Niagara Falls. If you come during the summer, you can enjoy watching nature at work, the sight really takes your breath away. During the night, the falls light up with different colored lights which makes the whole sight that much better. You can also go to the Cave of the Winds or the Maid of the Mist to enjoy the falls from a closer perspective.

You can also take a trip to Canalside and enjoy the various concerts that take place there. You can also see museum ships that include the USS Little Rock and a submarine.

If museums are more your forte, you can visit the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. There you can find works from Picasso and other great artists. Once a year, you can also see live art and “Rockin’ at the Knox” which hosts some of the best classic rock bands in the industry.

Buffalo is more than a city. It is a place where individuals observe scenery, unearth new talent and relish in art. This summer, make sure to put these places on your to do list while the warm weather lasts.


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