Trumpocalypse? Not Likely.

By: Oliver Clarke


Mudslinging and fear-mongering played an essential role in the 2016 campaigns. The terror stoked this year had many voters speaking of nuclear war, apocalypses, and even caused some to take their own lives, rather than face an America with Donald Trump at its helm. But how serious are those threats, if they exist at all?

Will our next president have access to the nuclear codes? Absolutely. However, the US has worked tirelessly to ensure that never again would a nuke be fired—it is not as easy as pressing a big, red button. Besides, despite being new to politics, Trump is learning quickly; after meeting with General Jim Mattis, the president-elect understood the gravity of torture, and recanted his prior opinion on the matter. Similarly, his flippant attitude towards nuclear weapons will not survive a security briefing on the subject. Donald Trump is not the harbinger of the apocalypse.

The attitude of the president is surprisingly important. Generally, a bureaucrat’s job is to be a cog in the machine serving the American people, the course of the machine to be set by those at the top—the president and those appointed by the president. Donald Trump has proven himself to have a very flexible mind, willing to completely transform his opinions upon gaining new evidence.

To those feeling lost and helpless, remember that you still have a voice: November 8th was not your one chance to influence the next 4-8 years. The will of the American people is carried up the ladder from local to state to federal representatives, the sentiment of letters, emails, telephone calls, and tweets from constituents funneled to the commander-in-chief. Vote in every election, no matter how small. Make your voice heard to your community, and to your representatives!


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